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That's Me

I am a 20-something college student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.  But Seattle is my hometown.  I’m finishing up my degree in Economics/Environmental Studies.  I am passionate about learning and growing more than anything.  The world offers so much to know and I am anxious to know it all.  I am driven by effectiveness and efficiently, which was drilled in into my head through studies in economics.  I find myself looking for new and better ways to do even the simplest task.

I am currently looking for a career to jump into once I graduate in December.  I am quite anxious and curious to put my academic knowledge and life experience into practical use via professional work.  I feel that because of the diversity of my skill set I would be a good fit for most fields.  I attribute my can-do attitude to most of my success in life and for future success.  Because of my situation I will blog quite a bit about working and what I expect out of a job and what I think the work place can improve on.  Example: I’m not a big believer in the 40-hour workweek; huge waste of time and not effective.  I also try to read a lot.  Because of this I will share what I read and analyze the main lessons learned.  Lastly I think of myself as a positive person that looks on the bright side.  I feel that negativity is just a waste of time.

Some fun tidbits:

  • Have minor obsessive compulsive thoughts.  Example: I’ll start reading a post or article then as I am reading think about another great piece to read.  Or as I’m reading a blog in particular, I will click on all the links to other posts, which will extend the time it takes for me to read one thing by quite a bit.  One could say I am distracted easily in this regard.  I’d say I am curious.
  • The last 54 seconds (the coda, similar to Hey Jude) of Suite:Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills, Nash and (Young) (great band name and good personal branding) makes me feels so good it gives me goosebumps and takes me breath away.  If you haven’t hear it the main lyric is doo-doo-doot with Stills singing about Cuba and the Caribbean Sea in Spanish.
  • I find myself on Amazon reading book reviews all day long but never read an actual book itself.  This I attribute to the economic concept of opportunity costs.  I’m not sure if this act is rational or irrational in the economic or general sense

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