Weekly Endorsement

What’s Wrong With Being Mediocre?” from Leap Walking

This post struck a cord with me (i guess if a post is my weekly endorsement it has to stick a cord with me).  The title is pretty self explanatory, but the post is partly about information overload and being pressured into being special and remarkable.





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2 responses to “Weekly Endorsement

  1. This is a very interesting topic, I often feel pressured to join social networking sites. I am not even on facebook (and if I have one more person tell me to sign up…grrr).

    I’m ok it.

    Found you through 20sb.

  2. plommec

    FIRST COMMENT EVER! Congratulations.

    I think that if you are being pressured to use facebook, then its probably not for you. social networking is about wanting to be engaged and having the need to do it. If you don’t feel the need there’s no point in forcing it. I’m sure you stay in touch in probably more personal ways.

    I really liked this post from Leap Walking because of the honesty. He was honest about just wanting to be a mediocre and not so remarkable that everyone has to notice.

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