If I Could Make This My First Post

This post used to be in my “About Me” page but thought it was more suited as a regular post.

This blog is an experiment for me.  I have recently discovered the blogging world from not really having any idea about what I want to do after college, mostly career-wise.  By reading tons of Gen Y blogs and getting the feeling that I am not the only one confused is a great relief.  Thus I want to join in on the party. I am looking at this blog as more of a journal than a “blog” (sort of insurance if no one reads any of this). Like a journal I will comment on whatever compels me to write at the time.  Maybe blogging will be the new form of journaling, just far more public.

Since I’m entertained by things from economics to cooking and books to fitness, this blog will touch on what I find perplexing, interesting and exciting.  I think of myself as a learner most of all.  My curiousity for pretty much everything keeps me pretty busy, I don’t get bored anymore.  I hope to learn as much from you as you can expect to learn from me. I also look at this blog as a way to improve my writing. I’m hoping blogging will make it easier for me to convey what I feel to paper and to people.  I’m sure this blog will evolve a ton and this post will be meaningless very shortly.


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