Weekly Endorsement

“Why it’s tough to trust Personal Branding Experts” From Wordpost.org

Love this post for one, the author uses critical thinking skills.  As an student of economics I can relate to this mindset of question conventional wisdom, because that’s what I’ve bee taught for a long time.  Second I subscribe to the thinking that if one is so concerned that a future employer won’t hire because of something they say online through facebook, twitter or whatever, then that employer is not worth working for.



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2 responses to “Weekly Endorsement

  1. Thanks for the endorsement Cameron.

    And I agree 100%.


    • plommec

      Glad you stopped by my blog. Loved the article had to give it my Weekly Endorsement. Critical thinkers have to stick together, you know? Love your blog in general as well and will be a frequent commenter in the future.

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