Blog Advice

Here is some of the best advice I have found on blogging.  As a new blogger I have spent hours scouring the internet looking for tips, tricks and all round good advice about blogging.

I have compiled and will continue to compile the best posts and tutorials on blogging, including starting a blog, writing good content, learning from successful bloggers and everything else in between.  If you have good articles that have helped you please let me know.  I hope these links help.

  1. Blogging Tips for Beginners” -Problogger
  2. The Amazing Five Minute Blog Review -Life Without Pants
  3. Viralogy Blogger Interviews -Viralogy
  4. Write Better Blog Posts Today” -Chris Brogan
  5. How to Start a Blog Video Series” -The Art of Blog
  6. 21 Tips for Getting 500 Subscribers in 90 Days With No Blogging Experience” – Free Pursuits
  7. The Pocket-Sized Guide to Blogging” -Skelliewag
  8. Announcing the Once Week Blogging Challenge” -The Art of Blog

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