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Weekly Endorsement

Hiring Gen Y Makes Dollars and Sense” from Under 30 CEO

Love this post at Under30CEO.com for two reasons: it shows the benefits of hiring Gen Y and I am Gen Y trying to get a job now that I’m graduating.  Right now is a great time for employers to hire Gen Y  too.  Recession=not as much money as before, and not as much money as before=can’t afford experienced talent, and can’t afford experienced talent=get a great bargain hire Gen Y/College graduates.

One thing I would add to the list of benefits of hiring Gen Y is that we are idealistic in many respects.  This idealism can be a great tool for employers to motivate and harness Gen Y’s potential to produce great results.  If you make us care about what we do at work, we will deliver for you (the employer) like no one else.

Let’s Chat!

What are your thoughts about hiring Gen Y or recent college graduates in general?  What does Gen Y need to work on and what do they do well?  Do you see any trends in Gen Y employment?



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